Benefits of MNP to the People and Its Effects to Different Service Providers

Phone Number Portability

Mobile numbers are specifically used by telecom companies to distinctly identify users with the use of numbers. This is also used to contact specific individuals. Today, contact numbers are now used as ID (Identification) by most of the people. They attached their mobile numbers to their public and private accounts online. To some businessmen or individuals, their contact numbers are important to get updates and immediate response to different problems. If they lost their phones or misplaced the sim card, it will be hard to start again if they change their personal mobile number. There are also other people who get tired of the promos offered by their service providers. Is it possible to change your service provider without changing your contact number? Yes, it is possible in some countries that are currently using Mobile Number Portability system.

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VOIP for business

voip businessIn today’s reality, the successful business development is largely dependent on the technology world, and the communication is the key to the most of the companies.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), colloquially known as Internet telephony, is a technology that allows voice transmission (telephony) thanks to the Internet infrastructure. It allows connection between two computers, two telephones, or a computer and a telephone, as long as the signal is transferred in part of its path via IP.

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QuickFuse: An Intuitive Cloud Telephony Service to create Smarter Voice Applications

QuickFuse a one-of-a-kind interactive voice response (IVR) editor and platform that’s controlled from a web browser, puts APIs in the background and brings visual call flows to the foreground, allowing anyone to participate in the creation of dialogs that communicate with consumers, utilizing the most advanced speech technologies.

QuickFuse eliminates the complexity of using disparate technologies to build voice applications by offering a self-contained cloud service that has all the features of an enterprise voice platform, at a fraction of the cost. The QuickFuse editor enables visual modeling of call logic and call flows by “snapping together” components from a library of application models that cover all of the requirements of IVR, messaging, telephony applications and data management.

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What equipment you need to smoothly run your home phone service?

home_phoneVoIP or home phone service lets you make phone calls and receive them through internet instead of the usual telephone networks. However, you need certain type of hardware to accomplish that and without which you won’t be able to use this phone system. You will need a computer and a phone set. Some companies such as Ax-voice provide high quality home phone service while others just charge you without providing you the services worth the money you invested in them. You should therefore go through the customer reviews to know whom you should trust and whom to avoid. Before making the final decision to subscribe to internet phone, you should also look for the different internet connection options and choose that connection which would aptly run your phone without any glitches. Usually when b

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Voice over WiFi or No Calling From The Sky-It’s About Manners

Source: andyabramson.blogs.comvowifi

USA Today had a well penned story yesterday about the pros and cons of WiFi calling from the air on the GoGo and Row44 service. The story highlights a call being made via client Truphone’s service from the sky using their application on an iPhone. USA Today reports that the reaction was more positive in tone from the in-flight crew, but there’s no question this is a topic that remains highly controversial.

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AT&T to Google: So You Wanna Be a Phone Company?


ATAA few months, ago when covering the launch of Google Voice, I wrote a post entitled: Meet Google, Your Phone Company. That headline sums up why Google’s voice service has drawn the ire of everyone from AT&T to Apple Today, Ma Bell asked the Federal Communications Commission to investigate Google Voice on the grounds that it was preventing consumers from calling certain numbers, which AT&T argues violates the principles of net neutrality. The letter is worthy of a pay-per-view event. It also reveals how the Google Voice service works.

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