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About voip-buzz

This website aggregates all the latest information related to Voice Over IP (aka VoIP) technology. The sources are ones of the best sites and blogs dedicated on this topic.

You all know how the phenomenon of blogging has exploded into popular culture. And, as the popularity of blogs grew by leaps and bounds, so did the sheer volume of blogs. Each day, hundreds more are added, to the point that it has become virtually impossible to get a handle on which blogs do a good job of covering any single topic (specially a hyper-interesting topic like latest technology and VoIP in particular).

That’s where we come in.

Nowadays, readers of blogs face two challenges: First, how to keep up with the rapidly expanding number of blogs and, second, how to know which of the hundreds (if not thousands) of blogs are worth a read.

In response to the first challenge, blogs began to offer aggregation services (utilizing a wonderful technology know as syndication feeds, or “rss”), whereby they provide a single destination with content from many sources. But there is still another challenge to overcome. Finding a good-quality blog is like finding a needle in a haystack.

This site is our attempt to make sense of all the VoIP blogs that are out there. Not only do we aggregate blog entries from a wide variety of technology blogs, but we also track which are the most visited posts by our audience. By analyzing the tracking results of our readers, it becomes apparent which blogs are finest ones and most favoured.

To sum it up, we try to benefit both readers and bloggers:

  • benefit to readers: we provide a starting point for your leap in the world of VoIP technology.
  • benefit to bloggers: we are introducing new visitors to your blog who are interested in the technology news and events you cover – and this increases general awareness of your blog among the community of readers and fellow-bloggers, many of whom are likely tend to provide further links to your blog, and in this was increase your blog’s search-engine rankings by providing links to your site.