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Benefits of MNP to the People and Its Effects to Different Service Providers

By Frances Fowler / February 10, 2019
Phone Number Portability

Mobile numbers are specifically used by telecom companies to distinctly identify users with the use of numbers. This is also used to contact specific individuals. Today, contact numbers are now used as ID (Identification) by most of the people. They attached their mobile numbers to their public and private accounts online. To some businessmen or individuals, their contact numbers are important to get updates and immediate response to different problems. If they lost their phones or misplaced the sim card, it will be hard to start again if they change their personal mobile number. There are also other people who get tired of the promos offered by their service providers. Is it possible to change your service provider without changing your contact number? Yes, it is possible in some countries that are currently using Mobile Number Portability system.

There are now countries that adopted the idea of having Mobile Number Portability or MNP. MNP talks about the availability to use your mobile number from the old service provider to another one if you want a transfer.

What are the benefits of having your number used in other service providers?

Here are some of its benefits of Mobile Number Portability:

  • As said earlier, this will help you avoid stressful business loss due to the change in mobile number. This would also help your friends, partners, or family to keep in touch with you especially when you’re away from home.
  • This will lead in forming a new governing party in the telecom business that would serve as the middlemen on the transfer of service providers. The more a business entering the system, the more jobs for the people.
  • It would minimize the use of more than two mobile numbers by a single person in one service provider which would help the overall performance of the network.
  • It will help the people minimize expense on changing the old service provider. They’ll just transfer their old mobile number to another service provider, instead of buying another sim card.
  • It will give access to people to try different services from different telecoms.
  • It will encourage service providers to provide quality and affordable services to the public to keep the loyalty of the users.

With the use of MNP, competition becomes harder; it would affect the business environment. Before, to change a service provider, you need to change the sim card. People are forced to buy a new one. With MNP implemented, it would lessen the demand for new sim cards. It would result in a smaller quantity of production and smaller income. The smaller the work to do, the more people become jobless. The smaller the company gains an income, the lesser budget to keep on the business line. And without capital for improvements, the more business may lead to bankruptcy. These are just some examples of MNP’s effects on the service providers if they do not come up with a good plan to adopt the MNP implementation.

The general public would surely gain from having MNP. They will be free from the limitations of the different networks. But with this implementation, it would also lead to a problem if the country still has different loopholes in the system. To have this good and working, it should follow proper protocols or procedures to avoid problems that can damage the whole network. Years of planning and preparations are necessary to adapt to this kind of system.

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