Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How Do We Decide Which Blogs to Include in our Service?

We try to avoid blogs that promote hate, illegal activities, adult content, etc.
However we cannot guarantee that we will be 100% successful at our attempts to
avoid such content. We rely on a filtering software solution to report content
that is clearly inappropriate, but we cannot promise that we can act on those
reports as quickly as some readers would like. We reserve the right to include
or exclude any specific blog (or any of its posts) at our sole discretion.

2) How Do We Get the Content from Blogs?

We provide content found by following syndication feeds. We have no control over
the content that blog owners provide to the syndication feeds. Blog owners alone
control the syndication of their content, and they maintain all rights to their

3) Do We Agree with the opinions Expressed in the Blogs We Aggregate?

Not necessarily, and even if we do, our display of blog content does not imply
any endorsement of any blogger’s opinions.

4) If I Disagree with the Content of a Particular Blog Entry, Whom Should I Notify?

Please make your position known to the original blog publisher, in the comment
area that usually appears below the blog entry on the original site. Please do
not write to us if you disagree with a particular blogger’s opinion, even if
their opinion is highly offensive to you. We do not write the blog entries and
we are not responsible for them in any way, shape, or form.

5) How to Contact Us

You can find us as webmaster@voip-buzz.com


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