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QuickFuse: An Intuitive Cloud Telephony Service to create Smarter Voice Applications

By Frances Fowler / February 2, 2015

QuickFuse a one-of-a-kind interactive voice response (IVR) editor and platform that’s controlled from a web browser, puts APIs in the background and brings visual call flows to the foreground, allowing anyone to participate in the creation of dialogs that communicate with consumers, utilizing the most advanced speech technologies.

QuickFuse eliminates the complexity of using disparate technologies to build voice applications by offering a self-contained cloud service that has all the features of an enterprise voice platform, at a fraction of the cost. The QuickFuse editor enables visual modeling of call logic and call flows by “snapping together” components from a library of application models that cover all of the requirements of IVR, messaging, telephony applications and data management.

Voice applications often derive their sophistication and utility from integration with corporate data; QuickFuse facilitates integration with external databases and business logic via ready-to-go web service modules. QuickFuse also caters to rapid development by incorporating a self-contained cloud database with every QuickFuse account.

QuickFuse’s features are designed to make the platform accessible to any business, and with a simple pay-as-you-go price model, it’s the most cost-effective, feature-rich platform on the market. Features include:

  • Powerful Outbound Calling: Launch outbound call campaigns in minutes. There’s no need to program outbound call mechanisms or voice scripts. Simply use the QuickFuse call queue to place calls and create automated caller dialogs with the QuickFuse editor.
  • Operates on Real Data: QuickFuse’s easy-to-use database stores business data for use in any voice applications or use REST APIs to integrate with external databases.
  • Visual Interface: To build voice applications, developers and business administrators don’t need a programmer’s reference manual, a server in a data center or technical expertise. All applications are created in a web browser and stored in the cloud.
  • Speech Recognition and Text-to-Speech: Choose from three TTS engines and nearly 40 voices in a variety of languages. Speech recognition and TTS are supported to let developers create more sophisticated applications.

Companies are already using QuickFuse to build:

  • Virtual receptionists
  • Notification systems
  • Order-taking hotlines
  • Automated surveys
  • Bill pay systems and more

In the 30 days immediately following its commercial release, more than 10,000 developers and business users created voice applications on the (QuickFuse) cloud telephony platform.

The applications created on the QuickFuse platform range from simple call routing systems to complex programs that integrate with back-office data while utilizing speech recognition and text-to-speech.  A survey of users indicates the value of the QuickFuse platform lies in the ability to visually map call flow and business logic as well as rapidly iterate voice applications using the platform’s versioning, cloning, and sharing capabilities.

QuickFuse was designed to reduce the cost of developing and supporting voice applications by empowering non-technical personnel with the ability to administer software that will automate any phone call through a web browser.  Data shows that QuickFuse has attracted a user base mostly comprised of businesses that want to minimize the diversion of important technical resources to the tasks associated with creating and managing telephony systems

In the months since its launch, QuickFuse has integrated functionality that enables developers to build applications using SMS, Twitter, and Email.   QuickFuse is becoming a multimodal application that ensures accessibility on virtually every communications platform possible.  In the future, Plum intends to make QuickFuse both HIPPA and PCI compliant so that companies looking to implement an enterprise solution can utilize the QuickFuse platform for their service level business needs.

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