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What are the Benefits of Using Vanity Numbers?

Vanity Numbers for Business

What is a vanity number? This is a custom telephone number. It is usually based on a memorable word or phrase. This makes it easier to remember your business. Many customers are in a rush. They are more demanding than before. There is no doubt that your marketing materials only have some brief chances of attracting attention.

Even if you have extreme long-life efforts to achieve all that you have been dreaming of, a small hitch may defeat all the good work you have been doing. A prospective customer may forget your company phone number and even your website. And this is where vanity numbers come in since they can be memorized easily. That is why many successful companies prefer using vanity phone numbers. And if you purchase vanity number from phonenumberguy.com, you will never regret.

So, why are vanity numbers vital for your business?

Good marketing tool

You can attest that nowadays many businesses are printing their phone numbers and company name on their vehicles. As that car passes you, you will easily memorize that vanity number. The number doesn’t stick on the customer’s head; it is because it can be recalled easily. A vanity number should clearly depict what services you provide. In that case, strangers will notice your services and cram that number.


When you purchase a vanity number, you have all the rights to use that vanity number in the precise market area your business covers. It doesn’t matter whether all your customers are in a single area code or not. In fact, all the calls originating from the territory you select will directly reach you through your telephone number.

They are professional

If you are initiating a venture and trying to build a nice name for your company, having a vanity number is a good way to communicate to your customers that indeed you are serious about your new business. Usually, a reliable vanity number conveys your dedication to offer extremely high-quality services to your clients.

Moreover, a vanity number is a sign that you care for your customers. Besides being affordable, it can be incorporated with a VoIP service provider. This will give you the freedom to invest more in technology, which would not be the case if you are using a local number.


You can attest that recalling the contacts of your family members is enough of a hurdle. And this is where phone numbers for business come in. Vanity numbers are easy to recall. Therefore if you are yet to have a seven-letter company name, you can be a bit creative by selecting a nice vanity number. Regardless of your selection, any vanity number will always be easy to remember.


Be assured of ultimate flexibility if you are using a vanity number as your business phone solution. Let’s say you are providing your services in a large area, a client who calls a vanity number will have his or her call diverted to your cell phone. This means you will be experiencing extreme portability as you offer excellent customer service.

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